How Do You Get V-Bucks For Free

In the world of Fortnite, V-Bucks reign supreme as the in-game currency that allows players to purchase a variety of cosmetic items, Battle Passes, and more. While purchasing V-Bucks with real money is a common practice, there are also legitimate ways to acquire them for free. This article explores some strategies and methods to help you boost your V-Bucks stash without spending a dime.

Daily Login Rewards

One of the simplest ways to accumulate V-Bucks over time is through the daily login rewards. Fortnite often provides bonuses to players who log in regularly, and these rewards can include V-Bucks. Make it a habit to log in every day, and you might find your V-Bucks balance steadily increasing.

Completing Daily Quests

Fortnite regularly offers daily quests that players can complete to earn rewards, including V-Bucks. These quests often involve simple tasks such as playing a certain number of matches or eliminating opponents in a specific way. Keep an eye on your quest log and complete these tasks to earn extra V-Bucks.

Participating in Events: Epic Games frequently organizes in-game events and challenges, many of which come with V-Bucks rewards. Keep an eye on announcements and participate actively in these events to earn additional V-Bucks. Events not only enhance your gameplay experience but also provide opportunities to boost your V-Bucks balance.

Save the World Mode

Fortnite’s Save the World mode offers players the chance to earn V-Bucks through gameplay. By completing missions and progressing through the Save the World storyline, you can unlock V-Bucks rewards. While Save the World requires an initial purchase, the V-Bucks you earn can outweigh the initial investment over time.

Battle Pass Tiers

Purchasing the Battle Pass is a common way to unlock cosmetic items and earn V-Bucks. Interestingly, if you manage to reach certain tiers within the Battle Pass, you can actually earn more V-Bucks than you spent on it. This creates a self-sustaining cycle where wise use of V-Bucks can lead to more V-Bucks.

Friend Referrals

Fortnite occasionally offers friend referral programs that reward both the referrer and the referred player with V-Bucks. Encourage your friends to join the Fortnite community using your referral link, and you could both enjoy the benefits of extra V-Bucks.

Online Surveys and Rewards Programs

Some external websites and platforms offer V-Bucks as rewards for completing online surveys, watching videos, or participating in various promotional activities. Exercise caution and choose reputable platforms to avoid scams.


While V-Bucks are primarily associated with in-game purchases, Fortnite provides ample opportunities for players to earn them through legitimate means. By staying active, completing quests, participating in events, and taking advantage of various opportunities, you can steadily accumulate V-Bucks without breaking the bank. Remember, patience and consistent gameplay are key to building up your V-Bucks stash for that next epic in-game purchase.

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