How to Get Free V-Bucks in 2023

Fortnite, the phenomenon that continues to capture the hearts of gamers worldwide, relies heavily on its in-game currency, V-Bucks, for cosmetic upgrades and battle pass purchases. While purchasing V-Bucks is a straightforward option, many players are on the lookout for legitimate methods to acquire them without spending real money. In this guide, we’ll delve into the latest strategies to get free V-Bucks in 2023.

Daily Quests and Challenges

The bedrock of earning free V-Bucks in Fortnite remains completing daily quests and challenges. As Epic Games consistently introduces new content, challenges are updated regularly, offering players the chance to earn V-Bucks by completing specific in-game tasks. Routinely check the challenge tab to maximize your daily V-Bucks intake.

Special Events and Tournaments

Fortnite’s events and tournaments have become a staple for V-Bucks hunters. Keep a keen eye on announcements within the game for special events that may offer unique challenges and V-Bucks rewards. Additionally, both official and community-driven tournaments often feature V-Bucks as prizes for skilled players. Participate actively to boost your V-Bucks reserves.

Save the World Mode Exploits

The Save the World mode, while requiring an initial purchase, continues to be a viable source of free V-Bucks. Epic Games occasionally introduces missions and challenges within Save the World that yield V-Bucks upon completion. For those who enjoy both the cooperative and V-Bucks benefits, Save the World remains a lucrative avenue for PS4 players.

Daily Login Streaks

The daily login rewards system is a consistent source of V-Bucks for committed players. Logging in each day unlocks various rewards, including V-Bucks on specific days. The longer your streak, the more substantial the rewards become. Make logging in a daily ritual to enhance your chances of accumulating V-Bucks over time.

Keep an Eye on Limited-Time Offers

Epic Games often introduces limited-time promotions or events that provide opportunities to earn free V-Bucks. These may include special challenges, double V-Bucks weekends, or other time-sensitive activities. Regularly check the official Fortnite website, in-game announcements, and social media channels for updates on these limited-time offers.


In 2023, the quest for free V-Bucks in Fortnite continues to be an exciting challenge. By strategically combining daily quests, participating in events and tournaments, exploring Save the World mode, maintaining daily login streaks, and staying alert for limited-time offers, players on PS4 can enhance their V-Bucks reserves without spending real money. Remember to approach these methods with dedication and skill, as mastering the game is key to maximizing your free V-Bucks potential.

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