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The digital world made keeping up with friends, family, or colleagues easier. One of the most touching gestures to let someone know that you are thinking about them, even if you are on the farthest places on earth, is by sending a group eCard. This is not only very cost-effective when celebrating special moments but also connects people in a very unique way that creates good memories. Listed here are the top free group eCards and how they can add to your celebrations, giving it a special touch without spending much from your pocket.

Why Group eCards?

Group eCards come with umpteen benefits that make them a great choice for numerous events.

Cost-Effective: The whole deal is cost-free or at a minimal price as compared to traditional cards, which might be pretty expensive, especially when you send many. Thus, the more, the merrier, thanks to group eCards that fit every pocket.

Convenience: You just have to click a few times, and voilà. Your group eCard is ready, all from the comfortable premises of your home, without the hassles of taking time out to visit some shop, buying stamps, or bothering about the postal hours of delivery.

Eco-Friendly: thinking green with the choice of eCards means reducing paper wastage and keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Collaborative: The function of group eCards allows several people to add into a single card, hence making it more personal. It’s also nice to have everybody’s thoughts and good wishes in one place.

Personalization: Almost all eCard portals come with loads of templates, designs, and personalization options. You can add photos, videos, and personalized messages to make it very special.

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Best Free Group eCard Platforms

Here are some of the best portals through which you can create and send free group eCards:

1. is the greatest option for free group eCards. It has a clean design and a wide array of designs to accommodate any occasion—from birthdays to anniversaries, holidays, and goodbyes.


Select variety of templates

Clean interface

Add photos, GIFs, and personal messages

No registration required

Schedule delivery


 Entirely free to use

Supports unlimited contributors

Instant delivery


Not 100% customizable in comparison with premium services

2. GroupGreeting

GroupGreeting is more seamless for group sign-offs on a single card electronically. It’s perfect for workplace events, farewells, and celebrations.


Collaborative signing

Option available for adding multiple pages

Reminder emails when it comes to contributors


It is easy to take signatures from large numbers of people

Suitable for large groups

User-friendly interface


Free version comes with limited card designs

Some features require paid subscription

3. Kudoboard

Kudoboard was able to come up with cooperating boards where people could affix messages, photos, and videos. From here, it’s an all-rounded tool for both personal and professional occasions.


Virtual boards for messages and media

Multitude of templates and themes

Scheduled delivery


Greatly customizable

Supports multimedia additions

Free version available


Free version has limitations on contributors

Advanced features require you to pay for them

4. Punchbowl

Punchbowl has a load of free electronic cards you can personalize and send for no cost at all. While it seems primarily to be an invitation site, it does have some outstanding options for group eCards to be shared.


Customizable templates

Track RSVP’s for invites

Add photos/video


Professional-looking design templates

Easy to use design tools

Free options available


Some features behind a paywall

Free designs not as available as premium

Farewell cards hold a special place in marking the end of an era and celebrating new beginnings

How to Create the Perfect Group eCard

A memorable or touching group eCard requires a few steps to complete.

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Step 1: Choose the Right Platform

Pick a platform that would hold up to your needs; consider, at a minimum, factors such as ease of use, available customization options, and the number of contributors it allows.

Step 2: Pick a Template

Scroll through the list of templates and select an appropriate one for the occasion. It could be about a birthday, farewell, or any other holiday greeting; the right template sets the right tone for what you really want to say.

Step 3: Add Personalized Messages

Invite friends, family, or colleagues to add their messages. Tell them to share what’s in their notes, memories, and good wishes from the heart. The collective input adds a personal touch to the eCard.

Step 4: Add Photos and Videos

Personalize the eCard with photos and videos. Such visual addition makes the card more engaging and memorable. Select visual media that is reflective of shared experiences or happy times.

Step 5: Review and Send

Before sending an eCard, reshoot to confirm that all messages and media are added. Check for errors of any kind and edit if needed. If everything is fine, send the eCard to the recipient.

Group eCards are versatile and find use in many occasions and events. The most popular occasions among them are:

1. Birthdays

A loved one’s birthday definitely needs to be filled with warm messages and memories that are collected from friends and family in a group eCard.

2. Farewells

It may be the farewell of a colleague from the company or the farewell of a close friend moving to another city; whatever the case, a group eCard is surely a gentle gesture while bidding farewell and showing appreciation for the time spent together.

3. Holidays

Spread holiday cheer at Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving. It is one way of bringing all your loved ones’ messages under one roof.

4. Anniversaries

Any special occasion can be marked with a group eCard. Put together the notes from friends and family for any kind of anniversary, be it a partner, time at work, or any other special occasion.

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5. Graduations

Give it the best gift—words of pride and encouragement—a group eCard full of wishes from family, friends, and mentors.

Tips to Make Your Group eCard Stand Out

The following are a few tips that may make your group ecard special:

1. Start Early

Leave enough time for people to contribute messages and media. You never know when people might be on vacation or have other priorities. Giving them enough notice guarantees the best content for the graduate.

2. Encourage Creativity

Now, invite them to get creative with the messages. Jovial anecdotes, heartfelt notes, and personalized pictures keep the eCard more interesting and full of life.

3. High-Quality Images

Ensure that all photos or videos creating the eCard are of high resolution. Clear and vivid pictures improve the overall display of the eCard.

4. Keep It Organized

But if the platform allows it, put the messages and media into some coherent order. Another way would be to group related messages together or tell a story by putting them in chronological order.

5. Add a Personal Touch

Think of adding a final message from you that will bring everything to a close: maybe a summarization of all the messages or just a personal note to your recipient.


Group eCards really work as a great means of expressing love and appreciation without any cost. Some websites like, GroupGreeting, Kudoboard, and Punchbowl provide very good options for creating and sending group eCards absolutely free. If you choose the right platform, a few simple things, and your memorable purposeful eCard is ready to bring a smile to the face of your near and dear ones. Send their way for any day: Group eCards are perfect for birthdays, farewells, or holidays, really, any special occasion to reach out and touch with meaningful messages.


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